Angela Matthews
Principal / Insurance Agent
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Matthews-Kang Insurance Agency knows that comprehensive insurance coverage, maintained  through a reputable  company, provides  peace of mind.

For many people, our house is our single largest investment.  That makes  homeowners insurance  the key to our continued financial viability.  Automobiles in Texas are critical for occupational commuting as well as family transportation.  In the event of an auto accident, it is important for your automobile insurance to minimize inconveniences by returning your car to the road as soon as possible.  We fully understand these aspects of life and proudly provide the  products to help insure your property for the unexpected.

Many of our customers are in their later work years or in retirement.  Each one has expressed the importance of their insurance agent and insurance company.  We fully understand their special perspective.  Nobody has the ability or desire to re-earn a lifetime of income and repurchase all of their accumulated belongings.  We cater to such customers by thoroughly reviewing their insurance policies and providing the coverage that will return their lives to normal in the event of a significant loss.

Some of our customers are new families with young children. For this group of people, life insurance is important in addition to basic property insurance. It may require 20+ years for children to become financially independent from their parents; from pre-school through graduate school. During this time, a significant portion of a family's financial resources will be dedicated to raising children. The unexpected demise
of the primary wage earner could be disastrous for a young family who did not plan properly. We hope to discuss with families their current obligations and future dreams. The safety net of life insurance makes certain that parent's dreams for their children become reality.

Some of the coastal areas of Texas are more easily affected by adverse tropical weather.  We fully understand the insurance needs of people who live in these low lying areas.  My family owns a small house near the beach in Galveston County.  While we enjoy our time at the beach with family and friends, we know that some day our area will be seriously damaged by a hurricane.  We provide all of the relevant house insurance coverage, including hazard/fire , wind/hail ,  flood and contents .  We know a hurricane will arrive someday and we are prepared.

Matthews-Kang Insurance Agency understands the broad range of potential insurance needs.  Our Partner Companies  provide the insurance products to satisfy all of those needs.  Contact me for a free quote and I will try to save you money by finding you the lowest rates. Matthews-Kang Insurance Agency has the Insurance Compnies you trust and the low rates you deserve.  Your call to me is always welcome.

Sincere Regards,
Angela Matthews