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A home insurance policy is for a person's primary residence. The structure of the home can be insured as well as the contents of the home. The all inclusive insurance policy is called a homeowner insurance policy. Hazards that may or may not be included in a homeowner policy are windstorm and hail. Hazards that are never included in a homeowner policy are flood and earthquake.

It is important to understand if the value of a home policy covers 100% of the cost of home reconstruction. It is also important that policyholders understand what is not covered in their home policies. Situations that may or may not be included are in a home policy are: glass breakage or water damage caused by defective plumbing. Home insurance is required on all homes that have a mortgage.

In the event that a person can not get insurance on a dwelling from the private market, the State of Texas offers temporary insurance through Texas Fair Plan Association (TFPA). TFPA insurance is issued through most private insurance agents.